We’re all damaged here.
This room collects stories
like a city park
collects dirty needles,
like a hoarder keeps
old sandwich wrappers
in paleolithic heaps.

Trudy talks to the devil
and steps on sidewalk cracks
(hoping.) And last night
I saw Justin eat
a live mouse to impress
a girl who likes geeks.
It worked, but she’ll get bored,
so soon, Justin will need
to eat a bigger beast.
His pride
is not so big as a mouse,
but he’ll eat that, too.

The kids in this room all laugh,
but what’s a geek to do?

A wet cat walks by,
and here comes Saintly Sue,
arms full of blankets-
has touched no warm and vital
person in three years,
but holds the cat with love
so fierce it burns and shines
with clear white light
that parts the curtain of rain
falling around this house.

I love this awful place
and all the awful people
hiding in its rooms
like hermits waiting for God
and blessed are the hungry
for they shall be filled.

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