Ghost Stories

Through the trees
They saw the spirits moving
Remembered tales they heard as children
Legends passed down from mother to daughter
Memories that would not die
Children taken by fevers
Wives taken by jealous husbands
Men taken by booze and knives

The fire became a deeper red
They saw the spirits moving

A brave one led them through the trees
To see if the tales were true
Rituals to resurrect memories
Incantations to horned gods
Slain sheep and goats and children

They left the light
Joined the shadows of the forest
To follow the spirits
Moving through the trees
Stumbled into moonlight
A pagan grove
Circle of stone and wood

And 30 wild horses
Moving through the trees
Like memories that would not die

They watched the horses grazing
Remembering tales they heard as children
Returned to the fire in silence
Carrying their ghosts

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